Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monthly Stamp Club!

Every month my stamp club gets together for a show and tell.  We show everyone what we ordered, skype with my BFF Lisa (she's a long distance member), and pass out cards we made for everyone for the month.

Four (including me) of us have blogs, be sure to check out theirs!  Here are the pictures from this month!

Shelly Reyome's Card: Easter Card
Isn't this the cutest Easter card ever!!!!!!!!

My BFF Lisa Minckler's card: Irish Blessing
Her blog address is:
Jennifer Malone's Card: Shamrock Card
Her blog:

Irina Kozar's Card: Tea Light Holder
Her blog:
Leticia Newman's Cards: Printed Petals and Rocket Ship card
And the FINAL CARD is mine:
Jennifer Emmert's Card: Love Chocolate